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Black and White Photograph of A Man Smoking Cigarettes
The first thing you should know about me is I’m a nobody.

My name is not important but for the sake of this blog you can call me Jake (not my real name of course). I’m a 26-year-old writer(?) who used to work for an advertising firm based in Quezon City, then became a content manager for an Aussie based company in the same “city”, a video editor for one of the countries top networks in Novaliches, a corporate communications assistant for a real estate company in Makati, and now digital marketing specialist(?) in BGC. I have my own place in Pasig but since I can no longer afford to feed myself or pay my bills I decided to stay in Manila with my parents. I’m the youngest and the only son.

My mom is a simple housewife, she used to worked for the government back in the day but left in order to raise us instead. My dad retired last year. Both of them are enjoying the benefits of their senior citizenship – which means taking advantage of every opportunity where they can use their discount card.

I created this blog because I wanted to share my stories and experiences to those who are like me. I hope you’ll like what you read and share your own views and opinions as well.


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  1. iamqueer says:

    hi im iamqueer.nice one.

  2. whoareyou... says:

    nice blog 😀

  3. miko says:

    cool blog…

  4. Stumbled on your blog and great writing.

    I love how you put words together to make it an interesting read, not to mention that you are one person that intrigues me as well.

    Keep writing… 🙂

  5. Sweetooth says:

    Heya Jake,
    I was just bored at office and heading through google pics of Fitness first until I came across your article.
    Erm… Some guy based in Dubai etc…. Anyways, One article that was the last piece I could read was the one with your Dad. I totally felt it and was touched since I to had undergone the same situation but it was my Dad that spanked me not my Mom. I went though physical punishments just becos he found out I was gay at a young age.
    Anyways, Jst wanted to to drop by and say hi and compliment on this article bout your Dad. Cheers.


  6. GioRamos says:

    following you since time immemorial..you rock!

  7. bardmd says:

    you have awesome content. looking forward for more!

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