Britney Spears has and will always be someone I look up to no matter what. She was a hero to me growing up – at a time when I didn’t know who I was or confused as to what I’m feeling. I found someone who is confident about who she is and what she can do even if she’s very young.

I was around 11 years old when “Baby One More Time” came out and become a hit. I loved the song, I loved the video and I loved everything about it. I remember listening to it over and over again as a kid. I defended her when some of my friends said that she couldn’t sing like Christina. Well, to me, she was more than a singer, she’s an entertainer. And probably because I couldn’t sing as well. Kidding aside, I loved Britney since she first came out and followed her career religiously. When she had a very public break down, I prayed that she’d get over the problem that’s been plaguing her. I wanted her to succeed so bad, I wanted her to make a comeback. Yes, I’ve read all the articles about her mental breakdown, watched people mocked her and harassed her and hope that everything would stop. I wanted to be her friend so badly, I wanted her to keep going, I wanted to tell her that everything will be fine. That all of these are just challenges that she needs to overcome. Right now I’m just happy that Britney is back on her feet and happy as ever. I will be a fan from the beginning til the world ends.

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