This is how I protect myself. My feelings. This is my defense mechanism so the final blow wouldn’t be as painful. Wouldn’t hurt as much as before. This is my goodbye.

Before things worsen. Before we start fighting over the simplest things. Before I start hating you and you hating me. Before I explode. Before it’s too late. I’m saying goodbye now. We had a good run. We had so many moments that I’ll treasure forever but I’m ready to bury them – bury them with all the treasures I’ve kept hidden all my life.

I’ll get over you. The same way I’ve gotten over the people that came before you. I’ll forget how you made me smile. How you made me laugh. How you made me feel. I’ll forget everything because that’s what I’m really good at. Forget the times you hurt me without knowing it. The times you lied to my face. The bad memories. The good ones… and everything else in between. I’ll forget them all.

I’m a pisces. While I never believed in what the stars have to say, this one I do. Pisces are good at forgetting and maybe that’s one of the reasons why I’m still here. Why I’m still alive and breathing. I’m good at choosing the memories I want to retain and erase all the ones that caused me pain. But once in a while they resurface. And I have to delete them again.

This is me protecting myself. Protecting my feelings. This is my goodbye.

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