To love someone at their worst is the hardest thing to do but the most rewarding feeling once you get through it. To stick with them no matter how fucked up things are or have become, to support them in every single way you can, to love them unconditionally even if it hurts and whenever it hurts. That’s true love. A love that you should hold on to and never let go of.

It’s so easy to write these words, to keep convincing yourself that everything will be okay. That tomorrow will be different. That things will change. But as soon as you close your eyes and fall to sleep you know that things will stay the same… it will unless to make a difference in your life. It’s in your hands, it’s your choice to make a difference. You can control your own destiny and it all starts within you. If you have the power and will to change your life now you can definitely can. So what’s holding you back? You can do it. You just need to trust yourself. You need to trust your instinct. Forget about the past. Forget all the bad decisions you made before. Forget all the mistakes you committed. Forget it and move on. You can’t let the regrets of the past hold you back and keep you from taking a step forward. Don’t let the past chain you. And yes tomorrow is a different day even though things may seem like nothing has changed it has. You’re alive and you should be thankful for that. You’re breathing again and it means you have another chance, another shot at following your dreams. Rome wasn’t built in a day and what you should need to do is keep on keeping on (whatever that means).

See, it’s so easy to write a piece to push you forward in life. It’s so easy to churn out words of wisdoms to convince you that everything will be all right. But it’s not, it’s never going to be. I don’t mean to sound like such a pessimist but this is the reality of it all. Well, at least it’s the reality for me. And my reality fucking sucks. I need someone. I really do. I need someone to tell me that this too shall pass. That I will recover from this pain. This fucking depression. This miserable fate. This sadness. I want to get out of the city. I want to go somewhere. I want to be alone with nature and breathe in fresh air. I want to be just live alone without thinking of anything else. Of work. Of people. Of love. I just want to escape and get away from all of this.

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