March 1, 2014 Saturday

I was standing on the edge of a cliff getting ready to jump. “This is it,” I told myself. “This is the end for me”. It was a beautiful day to die. I surveyed the view and the scenery was perfect. The sky was clear and the sun was just about to set on the horizon. The wind was blowing on my face and I could almost taste the salt in the air. I’m at peace. I’m ready.

I jumped over the cliff and plummeted on the cold water beneath me. “Fuck!” I wasn’t expecting it to be this cold, which kind of ruined my whole plan to die peacefully. I could feel my lungs fill up with water and I was having a difficult time to breath. I was drowning. But then again, that was the whole point of this right? Anyway, people who had near death experiences claimed that they saw their whole lives flash before their eyes just before they died yet here I am still waiting for that moment. I never really understood what they meant. Is it like a montage? A series of images that will flash starting from my birth until this very moment? You know, just like in the movies, highlighting my happiest moments in the last 25 years with some Instagram filter.

As I was drowning, a lot of things were running through my head. I forgot to email my boss. I forgot to call my mom and dad and my siblings. I forgot to write a note – a suicide note explaining why I had decided to end my life. Oh how I wish I could’ve thought this through more carefully instead of going with my impulse to just jump. Okay, maybe it’s not too late. Maybe I could still survive this. I opened my eyes and started swimming upward and then my phone started ringing, even underwater I could recognize the muffled sound of my ringtone. I pulled it out of my pocket but it slipped in my hands. It kept ringing and ringing and ringing. And then I woke up.

it was around 3 in the morning when I awoke from the sound of my phone. I wasn’t sure who could be calling me this late – or this early. I picked up my phone to answer.

“Hello?” I said a little impatiently.

“Get out of there now!” said the man from the other end of the line.

“Huh? Who’s this?” I asked, annoyed.

“You have to get out of there now!” the man repeated and then hung up.

I checked who the caller was but his number wasn’t registered on my contacts. I was confused but I was also damn too sleepy to fucking deal with a prank call right now. I could call him back though, whoever he was, but I don’t have enough credits on my balance to make a call. I crawled back to my bed, pulled the covers over my head and went back to sleep.

There was a knock on my door. I wasn’t sure whether I was still asleep or dreaming, or there was actually someone outside my room knocking this late. I wasn’t sure how long I’d been sleeping since answering the call but it felt like it was just seconds ago and this. I was pretty annoyed at that point. You don’t mess with someone who hadn’t slept well in the past few days. I got up hastily and walked over to look through the peephole. No one was outside. Just when I was about to walk back to my bed there was another knock, this time it was louder. I went over to check again and still saw no one from the other side. I opened the door, took a peek outside and saw a man standing on the side. He was pointing a gun at my face and before I could react he had already pulled the trigger.

March 1, 2014 Saturday

I was on my way home from work. It was around 6 in the evening and I couldn’t wait to get home and sleep. I had a really long day at the office and I’d been wondering how long I could go on with this. I was having a hard time dealing with the people around me. I didn’t mind the job itself because it was pretty easy but I was having a hard time fitting in with everyone. I was crossing the street when my phone started ringing. I picked up and then boom, I got hit by a car. And then I woke up.

It was 3 in the morning when I woke up. I opened my eyes and looked out the window. It was still dark outside. I grabbed my phone from the foot of my bed. Four missed calls. Who could be calling me this late, I wondered. And then just when I was about to put it down again it started to ring. The number wasn’t registered.


“Get out of there now!” said the man from the other end of the line.

(To be continued…)

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