I’m not really surprised that Paquiao lost to Marquez in their 4th bout, I guess it’s inevitable. I think what’s surprising for me is the fact that Manny got knocked out as early as the 3rd round and finally KO’d in the 6th.  So what went wrong?

Manny Pacman Pacquiao

Well, I’m not a boxing analyst so I really don’t know what happened or how to assess the situation. I’m sure a lot of people are already talking about this matter on Twitter, sharing their opinions about the fight on their own blogs and expressing their own thoughts on Facebook. Whether it’s sadness or disappointment I’m sure every Filipino from all walks of life all over the world are still proud of him, still proud for being Filipinos, still proud of the fact that he put our country’s name on the map.

Manny, after all, is one of the best there is in his sport. Yes, I’m sad and maybe a little disappointed but I’m not going to deny myself when I said that I didn’t see this one coming. He should’ve retired a few years ago whilst he was on top but I guess people around him felt the need to convince him to prove himself again and again which is really unnecessary. He is Manny Pacquiao, he doesn’t need to prove anything to anyone anymore after everything he’d been through.

Maybe after this he can finally decide on his own on what his next step is and I hope his decision is to stop boxing and start focusing on other things.

1. He ran for office and holds a government post. Maybe it’s time for him to focus all his energies in helping his constituents in Saranggani. He is a public servant after all and he should start serving the public the best way he could.

2. He can start a small training camp for aspiring boxers and start investing in their future. There are so many young Filipino boxers aspiring to achieve the same feat as Manny’s and it’s for him to decide what type of legacy he wants to leave to the world and be remembered for. All his titles will soon be forgotten, a new boxer will be able to surpass his achievements and a new name will be put on the record books but wouldn’t it be nice if the names of these boxers come from his training camp? Someone who will continue his legacy and say that it was Manny who inspired them, helped them, and even trained them to be the best in the world.

He is an inspiration to so many Filipinos. He has become a poster boy for our country and now that he’s past his prime, he can use his influence to help the youth love the sport he invested so much of his life in.

3. Start a foundation or charity for those Filipino boxers that were long forgotten. I’m sure boxing can take a toll in one’s body and setting up a foundation to help those who are in need is one of the best ways to give back.

4. His family is growing and if he wants to grow old with his wife, Jinkee, their beautifucl children he’ll stop now before anything else happen. No matter how healthy Manny looks, we never know what the long-term effects are for one’s body in boxing. A much needed rest will help him recuperate and hopefully allow himself to just relax and start spending more time his family.

I’m a big fan and I’m just concern for your health and your future so I hope you know what’s best for you and your family. I know you’ll make the right decision.

Anyway, win or lose I’m still proud of you Mr. Manny “Pacman” Pacquiao. You make me proud to be a Filipino.

Thank you for the inspiration.

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