Naalala ko pa yung teacher ko nung Grade 2 sa Math. Yung Terror Teacher na tinatawag nila… for me siya yun. I can still vividly remember how she’d make me feel whenever she’d walk into the room. Pagpapawisan kaagad ako pagakasulyap ko pa lang sa kaniya… at ang puso ko titibok ng sobrang bilis. Di ko alam kung bakit pero pakiramdam ko magugunaw na mundo. I wasn’t really bad at her subject it’s just that I couldn’t seem to concentrate pag nagtuturo siya… nauunahan ako ng takot.

I was seated at the back because I was taller than most of my classmates even so I tried really hard to appear small during her class para hindi ako makita at para hindi ako tawagin sa recitation. I’d slouch in my seat and pretend to listen and take down notes when in fact I was just doodling. But somehow I felt like she was picking on me and I don’t even know why. Pag tinawag niya ko nauutal nako… I’d start trembling pag tinawag niya na pangalan ko even though all I really needed to say was “present!”

As a kid, this 60-year-old woman who seemed very harmless scared the shit out of me… to me she’s scarier than the manananggal, aswang, o kapre na kinukuwento ng mga kapatid ko. Maybe because she was real and I see her everyday. She puts the fear in me and somehow I feel like she loves doing it to her students.

Nung Grade 4 naman ako may nakaaway naman akong teacher sa Math. Well, she was a fucking bitch that’s why I hated her. What’s worse is naging teacher ko pa siya the following year. So in my head I was fucking screwed. Anyway, she’s the reason why I started hating math. It was no longer fun for me. And honestly, I couldn’t understand a thing she was teaching (or trying to teach)… or maybe she just couldn’t explain it well… or maybe I’m just really bad with numbers. Still. I Blame Her. (evil laugh).

Anyway, even if I had a couple of math teachers that I hated (for some reasons not-math related), meron din naman akong mga teachers sa math na minahal ko. Like nung grade 3 ako. Math was my favourite subject then because my teacher made it fun for us to learn a quite difficult subject to teach. It was pretty easy for me and I breezed through it. Math lang naman kasi yung subject na hindi mo na kailangan mag-review pagdating ng exams eh. Anyway, siguro hanggang dun lang yung limit ng math skills ko. Bakit ba? May kaya nga naimbento calculator eh. LOL.

Anyway, English and History were two of my favourite subjects then. Hanggang high school favourite ko pa din tong 2 subjects na to. I like English and History because of the stories basically but the grammar part in English wasn’t my cup of tea – na medyo pinagsisihan ko ngayon. I should’ve listened during grammar lessons because even now some of my subjects and verbs don’t agree and past, present and future are in-tense-ly confusing don’t you think. LOL.

History for me is just like English but the stories are based on facts, some facts at least. To me, reading about our country’s history is like reading a long novel. The lives of our heroes, the history of our nation and our past in general was very interesting to me. And plus the fact that I was really good with dates. (wink)

Anyway, aside from the fact that I love these subjects I loved them more because of the teachers who taught them. Lalo na siguro si Miss SB. She was more than a teacher to us. She was our second mother. She’d defend us from the one teacher who really hated our class and even threatened to throw us the table. Sounds funny now but to to an 11-year-old kid, her threats were very real. She was very patient with us even if the whole faculty is complaining to her about us. We’re a bunch of outspoken kids who weren’t afraid to speak their mind and I guess to some teachers that was unacceptable. And them I say, Forget You.

Si Miss G na unang nakapansin na mahilig ako magsulat… and the first teacher to actually notice my existence and made me realize na may utak pala ko. LOL. Siya kasi unang nagsabi na matalino daw ako… initially I had doubts. I thought she was just plain crazy or just boosting my fucking ego like she does to the rest of us. But she was the one who really pushed me… The one who made me realize that I was smart (not to sound condescending or anything) pero wala kasi ako sa #1 section nun… all along I thought I was just some average kid but she saw potential in me and what I was capable of and because of her encouragement I pushed myself more. I studied harder and came out on top. By the following year, I made it to the Section 1. I didn’t want to disappoint her because she had put so much belief in me. And I hope I made her proud.

Anyway, some teachers have a way of making their students feel really comfortable in their class or just in their presence in general… the best teachers are the ones who can seamlessly teach you the things you need to know with you knowing that you’re actually starting to learn something from what their teaching. Ok, was that confusing? Haha. I guess what I’m trying to say is may natutunan ka habang nagtuturo sila without the pressure na kailangan mamemorize mo kaagad yung mga detalye na nabanggit nila. Parang unconsciously maalala mo yung mga tinuro nila even if you failed to take down notes during their class.

World Teacher's Day

Naalala ko din yung mga teachers ko na nakakausap ko outside of the classroom.

Those I can talk to about my problems or whatever it is I was going through.

The ones who encouraged me to pursue my dreams and the ones who saw my potential at something I didn’t know I could do.

Those teachers who pushed me to the limits and the ones who belittled me.

The ones who constantly challenged me to get better and the ones who didn’t even acknowledge my existence.

The ones who put their trust and faith in me and the ones who doubted me.

The ones who were there to pick me up when I was down and the ones who were there to say it’s ok even if I failed.

The ones who didn’t scream at the top of their lungs and the ones who did so we’d be force to listen.

The ones who didn’t need their students to make them fear them just so they’d listen and the ones who did everything just so we’d listen.

The ones with tongues sharper than their rulers.

The ones whose patience were tested but kept their cool and the ones who couldn’t keep their cool anymore.

The ones who served as our second moms. The ones we ran to when we were in trouble. The ones who offered their shoulders for us to cry on. The ones who listened to whatever seemingly important thing we needed to say . The ones who loved us as their own children and protected us.

The ones who bought colored chalks from their own pockets so that our blackboard are more colorful and the ones who exerted effort to write their lessons in manila paper.

The ones who stayed up late to finish our grades and prepare their lesson plans for the next day.

The ones who nurtured us and taught us the things we needed to know to survive outside the four walls. Things aren’t exactly in their lesson plans or curriculum but life lessons that will guide us through our lives.

Anyway, I owe everything I know to my teachers and professors (Well, not really everything but you know what I mean) To the ones who scolded me or embarrassed me in front of the class, Thank you. The real world is much harsher. I have bosses who are just horrible.

To those who frightened the shit out of me, Thank you as well. There are more bad people out there that I should be afraid of.

To those who noticed me and saw one of my (many) talents LOL. Thank you because now I could look back and laugh at that fact that I really couldn’t dance or draw or do anything noteworthy at all. And to the ones who forced me to sing and rap in front of the school during nutrition month singing about fruits and vegetable. Thank you. It was embarrassing but it was the funniest thing ever.

To those who forced me to do things I thought I could never do… (this is not a sexual reference) haha. Thank you.

To those who saw me cheating during quizzes but ignored it. Thank you. And I want to let you know I felt really guilty afterwards.

To my math teachers who gave me a passing grade not because I should but because I was an angel. Thank you. And thanks to those who decided to include good moral conduct in their grading system. Thank you so much.

To my history professors, my english teachers and my other teachers who taught me their respective subjects. Thank you.

Sa dami ng naging teachers at professors ko mula kinder hanggang college… salamat. As much as I would like to write a list of the ones who made a huge impact in my life eh baka abutin na ako ng 2013 teacher’s day. Hmm… maybe I’ll work on that soon.

Anyway, all I just want to say is thank you! (paulit-ulit?) haha. You know who you are even if you don’t know who wrote this.

Thank you for inspiring me.

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