We sat there for a while talking about each other’s hopes and dreams. 

Two is a company. Three is a party.

Who the fuck do you think I’m kidding? HAHA!

Anyway, they asked me some questions and I answered them the best way I can… with half-truths and half-lies.

T/B = V/T, BB = No and so on and so forth.

I was trying to decide whom shall I sleep with between the two and the thought of a three way hadn’t crossed my mind. They’re friends for pete’s sake, I’m not sure how close they were as friends or what type of friendship they have or if this is the kind of thing they’d do or willing to do together but for me, there are some lines you don’t cross with your closest friends, like sleeping with each other. Call me old fashion but I prefer no strings attached one night stands (always with protection) and save myself from the awkward phase of “what’s gonna happen next?” right after fucking a friend.

I sat there watching them two talk. A little envious of their friendship and the special bond that exists between them. Most of my friends who are like me are in the closet just like me. We hang out with straight people and pretend we belong. We flirt with girls while we eye other guys. That’s just how it is. For now.

I laughed when they did even if I had no idea why. I wasn’t even listening to what they were saying but I pretended to get the joke anyway so as not to seem stupid. When they started arguing about politics and voicing out their opinions and defending their own stands, I just sat there pretending. I pretended to agree and / or disagree to whatever the fuck they were talking about. I really don’t care much about these stuff because in the grand scheme of things… who gives a fuck? I guess I should care because I’m a fucking journalism grad but I could care less really.

My eyebrows were knitted together and I had that look on my face that read, “I’m thinking hard and processing what you two are saying very carefully so I can make a calculated opinion based on the facts at hand” (insert the word pretending at the beginning of the sentence) and I nodded constantly like a dumbass, the same way I did back in college whenever a professor discusses his lessons so passionately that I felt obliged to nod and agree to whatever the fuck he was saying even if I hadn’t got a clue of what the fuck he was saying. My head was in another place and time. That place is inside the bedroom and the time is now.

I could feel my dick growing just thinking of us three fucking each other’s brains out and I tried to hide cover the bulge with the palm of my hand. Carlo noticed and slipped his right hand under my robe and started stroking my manhood. I closed my eyes while he jerked me off. Slowly at first and then picking up speed. Patrick, who was sitting across us, was pretending not to notice.

There were a few people around, just the staff doing their rounds. Carlo started kissing me on the neck while his hand continue to play with my dick. He was so good I almost came but I didn’t. I tried to control it as much as possible. I wouldn’t want the place to smell like it had just been cleaned with Clorox. After a while I pulled Carlo’s hands away. I told him that I needed to pee. I kissed him on the lips and stood up. “I’ll be back,” I said. I walked out of the room and headed downstairs to the men’s wet area. I knew there was another bathroom on the second floor, but I opted to go for the one downstairs.

Once inside the wet area, I saw a couple few people who had just arrived. There was an old man, who was probably in his fifties, accompanied by a younger dude. They looked awkward together, uneasy with each other’s presence. If they’re father and son, I couldn’t find the resemblance. Therefore, I conclude that he must be a male prostitute – allegedly.

While I was sitting there waiting for some guy to finish using the bathroom, the allegedly male prostitute walked towards me. He looked like he just hit puberty. He had this Justin Beiber vibe about him that was actually quite charming. I wondered how much the old man paid for him. I kid. But seriously, how much? Anyway, he seemed so young and so innocent that I suddenly felt guilty for thinking he was what I think he was, allegedly.

He asked me if I was alone and I told him no. “I’m with my friends,” I said. Which was kind of a half-truth and a half-lie considering they’re really not my friends and that I had just met them. He told me that if I was free later that afternoon, I could meet the them in their hotel. I smiled and politely declined his offer. “Some other time siguro,” I said.

I was about to say, “I already have two waiting for me upstairs, mind if they come?” but I hesitated. Call me old fashion but two is enough for me. For now.

The guy using the bathroom finally walked out. As I stood there listening to my pee I was thinking of Carlo and Patrick and I was thinking of myself. “Am I a man whore?”

I washed my hands and walked out of the bathroom. J Biebs was there seated at the same spot where I was sitting a while ago. He looked at me with that innocent face of his and smiled. I smiled back, nodded and walked ahead. There was something about him that reminded me of myself. Young and naive. Afraid to offend, can never say no. It was as if his smile was half-hearted. A smile that hid a desperate plea, “Get me the fuck out of here!” Well, it’s not my business to interfere or maybe there’s no need for interfering because there wasn’t anything wrong at all. I mean, it was already half-past 2 or 3 in the morning and I was tired, we’re all tired that’s why we’re her, and so maybe he was as tired as me as well.

I walked over to where Carlo and Patrick were seated. They were already asleep or at least they appear to be sleeping. Their eyes were closed and they both looked so peaceful. I sat right beside Carlo, took a cigarette from his pack of Marlboro Lights and lit it using his silver Zippo lighter. I was halfway through with my cigarette when Patrick opened his eyes and motioned me to come over sit beside him. I looked at Carlo to check if he was still asleep and then I moved beside Patrick. He placed his hand beneath my robe and over my lap. He started caressing my knee. He said that he liked that I have hairy legs and that it turns him on. I just smiled. I was too weak to respond.

I finished my cigarette and just sat there with my back against the cushion. We’re talking about some random stuff when he suddenly leaned over and kiss me. He lips were soft and moist and sweet. We were making out for a few seconds or maybe minutes that we didn’t notice that Carlo was already up. I opened my eyes and saw him staring directly at us. I gently pushed Patrick away from me. At first he was confused why I had stopped but when he saw me look at Carlo, he just smiled. They both smiled actually and now it was me who was confused. Carlo then turned to me and said, “Tara na…”

Part 5 of At The Sauna

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  1. I know I’ll sound dumb (haha) but may I ask what is the meaning of this sentence: “T/B = V/T, BB = No and so on and so forth?”

  2. jerky says:

    may balak ka pa ba na sundan to?

  3. BB me says:

    BB = bareback

  4. Follower says:

    I have followed all your stories and all if not most of them did not end unless it ended that way. . 🙂

  5. klyesummerville says:


  6. wintermelontea says:

    Nag enjoy ako sa pagbabasa neto. I have landed to this page dahil naghahanap ako ng info bout wensha kung san may malapit. Im planning to go there. Someone here na pwd akong samahan? Hehehw

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