BRIAN ARRIVED AT ST. LUKE’S HOSPITAL A FEW MINUTES PAST LUNCH. He was already late. While sitting at the back of the cab contemplating whether to call the doctor and cancel his appointment, he received a text message from one of this closest friends. It’s just a quote but it bothered him so bad he felt the universe was fucking with his mind.

The message reads, “Life is short live it to the fullest. Treat everyday like it could be your last and stay positive!”

Oh great. “Stay positive!” – just exactly what I needed and laughed.

He started feeling awfully dizzy and he felt like he was just about to throw up any minute now. The cab driver turned to him and said, “Boss, andito na po tayo.” He looked confused. He must think I’m crazy, Brian thought. He could see that he was concerned or maybe just bothered. The sad look in his eyes seem to reflect his own sadness.

He couldn’t find the courage to step out. His hands were trembling as he opened the cab door. His feet were shaking as he stepped on the pavement. He took a deep breathe and started towards the entrance. He thought to himself “This is it, it’s now or never.”

He had scheduled an appointment with an infectious disease (ID) specialist a few days ago to have his blood checked. And now, the results are in. He prayed to God.

He walked toward the female receptionist and told her that he had an appointment with Dr. De Leon. She asked him to take a sit at one of the chairs and wait. It was, perhaps, the longest minute of his life. Everything seems to move so slow. He was growing more and more weary with every tick of the clock. The agony of waiting was something he couldn’t endure anymore. His patience was running short. He stood up and began to pace back and forth.

The doctors’ office opened and he gestured him to come inside. He suddenly felt a little light-headed as he walked towards him. The room started spinning around him. He couldn’t feel his feet and his sight started to blur. He tried to grab on something, a wall or anything, but he couldn’t feel anything. And then there was total blackness.

Part 7 of In The Closet

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