Yummy! (Geez! I’m talking about the cake you perv!)

I turned 23 a few days ago and instead of going out for drinks and celebrate with my friends I just decided to sleep the whole day. Kinda depressing huh? Well, I’ve gotten used to it I guess. I never really had that “best birthday ever” moment because something always comes up. There’s always something “more important” happening that gets in the way.

Anyway, my Samsung phone committed suicide on my birthday, it jumped out of my bed and crashed on the floor because it can no longer deal with its fucked up / fucked up owner. Actually, it’s more like an attempted suicide because it’s still working, it’s still responsive when you tap on the screen but there’s no more display, it’s entirely black. I’d like to think that my phone is in a state of coma. It’s heart still beating but it’s brain has stopped working.

The best part I guess (I’m being sarcastic here) was my decision to fucking store all my contacts on the phone instead of the sim card, so when I transferred the sim to my spare Nokia, all my contacts are gone. As in, I have no one. I didn’t even know if people had greeted me (assuming they remembered). I don’t even have a Facebook account to remind everyone that it was my fucking birthday. Though, my twitter is still / sort of active, I was hoping people would greet me there (I was crossing my fingers – baka mag-trending LOL) The sad thing was no one did. WTF? No hash tags with #happybday? And it got me thinking… “How long have I been living in obscurity?” Okay, scratch that. “How long have I been living in the Seven Kingdoms (Game of Thrones)?” that people had forgotten my existence. I’ve become a wildling, living beyond The Wall with The Others. I’ve become a wildling and now I want to go back to Winterfell (because I’m a Stark) hah! and live my life / get my life back on track.

Why should I blame them? When it was my choice to become virtually inexistent. I always do this to myself and I don’t know why. When everything goes wrong I hide. Anyway, maybe next year will be much better. It’s not too late #BelatedHappyBdayJakeSamson – trend this.

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  1. Ram says:

    I, too, doesn’t have the best birthday in my life but knowing that you’re family is with you during those special days of your life is much precious gift that anyone could ever recieved. Belated happy birthday. God bless and more happiness and healthy living. God bless again.

  2. Well, belated happy birthday to you! I wish you find what you’ve been looking for all your life very soon. You really need it. You have to be back on being the inspiring man I once knew. May God help you always. 🙂

  3. Angel says:

    …birthdays aren tthat important it s what make out of yiur life that counts….( look who s talking ) hahaha !!!

  4. Muia says:

    Hi happy (late) b-day.
    any way i was thinking that, if you still have the phone, download the software from Samsung site and get your contacts trough there

  5. Iñigo Ak says:

    Happy Birthday fellow March celebrator! I know one guy who celebrated his birthday the way you did. 🙂

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