Okay, it’s been almost three weeks since I left my 9 to 5 job and everything’s going great so far. By great I mean, more time for myself and more to for me to play with my beautiful niece. I have longer sleep, longer time watching TV, and just doing nothing really  – but I’m happy, well, more like relieved actually.

The first thing I did after I left my job was shop for shoes, though right now I’m kinda regretting buying 4 when I really don’t know when and where to wear them, but I guess it’s about time that my old shoes retire.

After spending a week in my mom’s hometown and getting drunk almost everyday, what I thought was gonna be a relaxing vacation just left me more exhausted. Anyway, I’m just happy to be back at the comforts of my own bed, again, to sleep.

While the money I saved is slowly going down the drain I’ll definitely need to look for another job soon, just not real soon. I’m taking my time, driving at my own pace, and will hit the gas as soon as I’m ready, but for now I’m taking a break, a long break.

I need to hit the gym again…

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  1. Packo says:

    What is important is that you have plan. Just relax at the moment.

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