AS DAYS PASSED, the nightmare became more and more vivid. He tried not to sleep but of course it was inevitable. The more he fought the more persistent it became.

He had to conquer his fear.

It was Monday. He woke up real early and prepared for the day ahead. He bathed, brushed his teeth, and put on his favourite black Armani Exchange underwear, Levi’s 501 jeans, black Topman polo shirt and white Nike sneakers. He grabbed an apple from the refrigerator and decided to just eat on the way.

He hailed a cab outside his condo and once inside felt a sudden surge of fear. When it finally hit him he couldn’t breathe.  He kept telling himself to relax but he couldn’t. He tried to convince himself that nothing was wrong but he knew perfectly well that there was. This would be the longest cab ride he’d ever have to take his whole life.

His vision started to blur as tears ran down his cheeks. For the first time in a long while, Brian cried.

What he was about to find out could change his life forever.

Five years ago he met Matthew at a friends’ party. Brian was alone and he hardly knew anyone except, of course, for the hostess, a promising young actress and his best friend. While smoking cigarette in the garden, the young man came up to him and offered a glass of drink. He was handsome, charming and had a sense of humour. He quickly fell head over heels.

They exchanged numbers before the night ended and a few days later they met again, this time at different circumstances. It was a date. They watched a movie together and ate lunch at an expensive and exclusive restaurant. One thing led to another and they both ended up at his condo.

The relationship didn’t last. He caught him cheating with another man.

Part 4 of In The Closet

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