“The real choice is between living life in the shadows or walking proudly in the light. The real choice is between a slow death and an honest life.”

– Tony Ferrante and Paulette Jacobson, Letters from the Closet

The Hanger (Michael)

MICHAEL CAME OUT OF THE SHOWER DRIPPING WET. It was already 11:00 in the evening but his day was just about to begin. Michael had been living two separate lives since last year and he wasn’t about to give up this one just yet.

He pulled another towel off the rack by the door and started to dry himself off. He admiringly stared at himself in front of the mirror, proud and perhaps a little smug for what he had achieved; six-packed abs, well developed chest, and strong biceps. He attributed his great physique to clean living and long hours working out at the gym. He was also a former athlete back in college so he had a great body to begin with. Michael was a swimmer.

He stepped out of the bathroom with only a white towel wrapped around his waist. He headed straight for the bed where his Apple Macbook was sitting, opened it and clicked the Safari icon. On the screen was a homepage of a website popular to gay men.

Under a false identity he registered and joined. He posted revealing pictures of himself in very compromising positions, all of which are carefully altered to hide his face. He claimed to be really discreet and had fears of having his relatives find out.

He would check guys out for possible dates or relationships and sometimes just for one night stands. All of them are carefully selected and must meet his standards; taller than him, equally good looking, gym built, well endowed and more importantly as discreet as he is.

His wallet, aside from money, had a condom in it. He’s known for always being prepared and teased by his friends as “boy scout/man whore,” he admitted that his sex drive was high and actually prides himself for being called such.

Michael is a good looking man, fairly tall at 5’9, light brown skin, with an athletic built and a bold personality to accompany it. His features showed that he had Japanese blood. His grandfather was a pure Japanese. His lips were pursed, his nose pointed and cheekbones were high. His soft features would sometimes make him look like a girl. Something he did not like.

Michael is a 24 year old professor at one of the universities in Manila. He had been teaching for the past two years and was recruited by the university right after graduation. He majored in Biology.

Most people are surprised to learn that he teaches, most of the time he’d be mistaken for a corporate executive or sometimes a high class male escort. He had offers to become a model or even an actor and he even had a few indecent proposals from older women and men as well, all of which he turned down.

His humor was one of his greatest assets but matched with his handsome features and intelligence, it could be a liability. After all, nobody likes someone who has it all.

Four years ago, on the same day, a Tuesday, he was sitting at St. Luke’s emergency room. He was seated on one of the chairs in the corner and waited. His heart raced and his hands trembled. Michael was about to faint as he awaits for the news that would change his life forever.

After a few more hours of waiting, the doctor finally came out of the O.R. and walked over to him and said, “Congratulations! It’s a healthy baby boy!”

Part 2 of In The Closet

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