The Boy Behind The Coset Doors

Jerome and I talked for a while. He asked me if I frequent spas and I told him that it was my first time here. He preferred Wensha’s branch in Pasay and recommended that I should try it there some time. “It’s where I usually go,” he said. He asked me if I wanted to join him for  a massage but I declined. After he was done smoking he got up and left.

“Okay, I’ll go ahead then. See you around,” Jerome said and walked away.

I remained seated inside the smoking area. My back was against the wall and my eyes were already half closed. Just as I was about to doze off to sleep, two guys walked in. Both of them went straight to the far end of the room and sat. They laid their food on the table and walked out to get some more. Both were shorter than me. One of them looked like he was half-Japanese while the other one looked very Pinoy. I wondered if they’re a couple.

I got up, walked out and headed back for the men’s wet area. There was only one guy inside and he was submerged in the pool. I could see his upper pecs and they were particularly impressive. On paper, this guy has all the characteristics of being a hunk. He had an amazing physique but he wasn’t particularly attractive. Well, he wasn’t my type to say the least.

I stepped inside the empty sauna to break a sweat.

A few minutes later the hunk entered the room. He walked straight pass me and stood at the corner at the end of the sauna. His towel was strategically wrapped around his waist so that you could see his growing manhood beneath it. Not that I was staring or anything but how can you ignore a man with a boner so big that you almost gagged just by looking at it.

He kept staring at me while he stroked his 9-inch shaft. His attempt at seduction failed to tempt me. I tried to ignore him but I couldn’t help but glance to see what he was doing. He kept on motioning me to come over but I didn’t bulge (pun intended).

An older gentleman, around his forties (I guess), walked in and sat between the two of us. He watched the other guy play with his fully erect cock. He pulled out his 4-inch dick and started playing with it as well.

The older gentleman stood up, walked over to where the hunk was standing, and sat in front of him. The hunk turned around to face the older gentleman who started wanking him. I moved farther away just to give them privacy.

There was no one else inside the men’s wet area and I wondered what would happen if they were caught by one of the male staff. I wondered if they’re aware that this kind of stuff was happening.

From the corner of my eye I could already see the older gentleman giving the hunk a blowjob. It looked like they got a good rhythm going on and I was honestly turned on myself. They stayed on the same position for a good few minutes and I could almost hear the hunk moan as he fuck older gentleman’s face. His hands were on the back of his head and he kept on thrusting his body toward him. They both seemed to be enjoy what they were doing and I almost joined the action, but when I saw their bodies jerked, I could already tell that he was blowing his hot and sticky load all over the older gentleman’s mouth.

I went out as soon as the show ended. I was feeling hot and heavy so I walked upstairs for a smoke. I still have a hard on and I was having a hard time concealing it. The robe was just too thin. The two guys I saw earlier were still there talking to each other. I sat next to their table and lit up a cigarette. One of the guys, the Pinoy, asked me if I wanted to join them and I said, “Sure!”

I sat beside the half-Japanese guy and two of them introduced themselves. Carlo (the half-Jap) was a 25-year-old accountant who’s currently unemployed while Patrick  (the Pinoy) was a 24-year-old call center agent based in Ortigas. They were friends, best friends in fact, and according to Patrick, this was his treat to Carlo who just turned 25.

Carlo’s hands were on my lap while I played footsie with Patrick.

Part 4 of At The Sauna

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  1. Sophie Ella says:

    Was that all… or may part 5 pa? I wanna know what happens next… do u go for a threesome?

  2. Rachelle says:

    Hi! Just wanna ask if I can borrow the picture you posted on the first part? It’s perfect as cover for the fic I’m currently working on. Hope you’ll give me permission to use it. Thanks!

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