I woke up the next morning and my head was pounding like crazy. The light coming from the window was hitting my face so I rolled over to the other side of the bed only to bump into Luke’s back.  I was about to cover my head with a pillow when it hit me.

“Oh shit!”

I struggled to open my eyes and scrambled to find my phone. It was on top of the drawer beside the bed and there was an empty condom wrapper beside it. It was already half-past nine and my class was about to start in an hour. I tried to lift myself up from the bed but I couldn’t. I was having the worst hangover ever.

Tim, one of my classmates, I remember lived nearby so he was the first one that popped in my head. So I dialed his number and waited for him to pick up. After a couple of rings, he finally answered. Even before he could say hello I asked him if he could give me a ride.

“Why? Where you at?”

“In Wack Wack… so can you?”

I knew he was a little hesitant because he told me that was already on his way to the university and it was on the opposite direction. I offered to pay him more than if I just took a cab so he finally agreed.

“Okay fine, be there in 30 minutes,” Tim said.

I knew I got wasted last night and might have done things I that wasn’t gonna be proud of. But all I could think of at that moment was how soon can I get out of this place.

I stood up, grab the first shirt I saw, put it on and walked over to Enrique. He was still sleeping on the floor naked with only a piece of blanket wrapped around his waist. He had a boner and it was pitching a tent. I couldn’t help it so I laughed. He looked really innocent asleep but last night, Enrique, I remembered, was a different person altogether.

I woke him up but he was feeling a little groggy as well. I asked him if he was coming home with me and all I got was a nod. I wasn’t even sure if he heard me at all but I was too fucked up to care.

The whole room was a mess. There were clothes strewn all over the ground, empty bottles of beers on the floor, two boxes of pizza with half eaten slices and some other crap as well.

I looked on the bed and there lies Luke and Andrew spooning each other and on the couch just beneath the window was Martin looking just as wasted like the rest of us. I found Paul inside the bathroom lying in the bathtub naked. I could see vomit on the floor and I almost puked. I washed my face and went out as quickly as I could.

I went back on the bed and lie next to Luke. I texted Tim and asked where he was. I tried to wait for a reply but I was just too hungover. So I closed my eyes and fought hard not to sleep.

Last night was still a blur and there was very little I could remember, but as I drift away into deep sleep, memories of what happened came rushing back.


We stopped by at a convenient store to buy some booze. Luke and I were the last two to get out of the car. I was about to take off when he stopped me. What he did next totally caught me off guard…

Part 2 of Runway Boys

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  1. randy says:

    bitin naman…

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    true 🙂 nakaka bitin ..

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