A baby boy was born on the ides of March. He was the answer to a couple’s prayer hoping to finally have a son. After they had raised three beautiful girls, the couple thought it was about time. “Let’s give it one more try,” she said and her husband nod in agreement.

The baby boy was raised by his parents in their 2-floor apartment in Sampaloc. The same house where the boy still goes to every now and then whenever he decides to visit them. His sisters would play with him all the time. They’d take him outside and let him join in one of their games. They’d let him play with their dolls and dress him up like one. He was the cutest things they’d say. He was like a toy that poops and they loved him so.

The baby boy grew up to be a good son, raised to love God and fear Him as well. He’d lie on his bed and pray to Him every night. He’d talk to Him and ask Him about the things he couldn’t understand, bother Him with questions that bothered him about life. He’d end his prayers by thanking Him for all the blessings that he had received and by asking for forgiveness for the sins he had committed.

His father was always at work so he was surrounded by girls all the time. He was spoiled by his lola who’d constantly shower him with toys that he was never really interested in. Though he would play with action figures and would never let go of his Amazing Spiderman and Batman, he would never play with his toy guns. He didn’t like guns or play baril-barilan. He didn’t like the idea of killing other people and he was deeply saddened by the thought of death. Years later, however, he got addicted to Counter Strike.

The good son was enrolled to a pre-school located a few blocks near their home. And there he learned a lot of things. He made a lot of friends and got into a lot of trouble but despite his growing popularity in the sandbox, he still preferred to be alone. Even as a kid, the good son seemed to be a little too matured for his age. The good son had an old soul inside of him.

The good son looked forward to their annual field trips at school. Their class would go to Luneta and learn about their national hero Jose Rizal, to Museong Pambata or the National Museum to see paintings and other unique artifacts dug up from their country’s past and finally to his favorite, the Planetarium.

The good son liked the Planetarium. He liked to be surrounded by the stars and watch in awe how the universe was created. He was fascinated by it and wondered how God could’ve created such a wonderful masterpiece. He hoped to someday be able to reach them and touch them with his own hands.

The good son entered grade school. He excelled in all his subjects, including Math, and was consistently at the top of the class year after year. He wanted to make his parents happy so he studied very hard. Though he was never pressured to, the good son though that it was the only way he could repay them for everything that they had given him.

The good son discovered his love for writing at a young age. While most kids dreamt of becoming a doctor so they could cure the sick or lawyers to help the innocent, the good son dreamt of becoming a writer. Like the authors he so admired and the books they had written, the good son wanted to tell stories as well. Stories that would entertain and even inspire people and touch their hearts and lives.

The good son also dreamt of becoming a filmmaker. He wanted to adapt what he had written on his notebooks on to the silver screen. He was inspired by Alfred Hitchcock and he imagined his own characters being played by Hitchcock’s favorite actors like James Stewart and Grace Kelly. But they’re already past their prime… and some are no longer with us.

The good son graduated from high school and was about to enter college. He wanted to take something related to writing. While most of his classmates wanted to become nurses, he chose to become a writer instead.

The good son struggled adjusting to a new environment that was a number of times bigger than his old one. He liked that could get lost in the crowd and disappear, that he wouldn’t get noticed. He was happy about it. He managed to get good grades and was a consistent Dean’s Lister semester after semester.

The good son graduated with honors much to the delight of his parents. They were both on stage to put on his medal. He was happy make his parents proud.

The good son started working for a company that claimed to promote creativity, but prevents their employees from being creative. Oh the irony. Anyway, his friends had high hopes for him because they know he would succeed in whatever path he decides to take. But the good son had disappointed them. He was stuck working from 9 to 5 wasting his talents away.

The baby boy had been a good son all his life. His parents could not have had asked for more. They’re proud what he has achieved so far and could only hope for a brighter future ahead of him. A good son was more than they could’ve hoped for and they were happy to have raised him right, to the best of his abilities. They weren’t rich and though it saddened them that they couldn’t give him everything that he needed, he still managed to cope.

The good son was lucky to have them as parents and to have sisters who are there to guide him and provide the support he needed. He was lucky to have a family that cared for him and that will love him no matter what happen. And hopefully love him for who he really is inside.

He had been a good son all his life and all he is asking for is for them to understand that their good son not only wants a woman but a man as well.

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2 responses »

  1. GeumChadi says:

    Aaaww…is this your life story? I know, there will come a time where your family will understand and accept you for who you are and what you have become. Just keep on striving and working hard for your dreams and never, ever lose hope. God bless you. 🙂

  2. kris says:

    hey man, i could relate to most of your accounts in this write-up! lols. I saw myself in this character in this particular entry actually. with regards to work, I couldn’t deny I feel frustrated just the same back when I was starting my work. I worked a day job in a manufacturing plant in south luzon and it felt crappy, really, but because I love working in the laboratory, I have to endure it (microbiologists do have a poor job market in the city). switching jobs a lot of times in a few years, Ive finally found the job I really love. When I look back from my crappy beginnings, I just realized that God do have good plans for us. Now that I’m teaching back to the university where I graduated, it made me feel more mature now that I’ve got lots of experience to actually share with my students.

    and recently, my mum found out about me and my boyfriend. lol. i didnt do anything about it, and I pulled it through and let it pass. I was still accepted as their good son after a few months (thank god I was living in my own apartment some 2-hour drive away from manila) and I was 22 by then, now Im 23. lol.

    I guess its really tough at first, but everything will fall into its right place, eventually. The waiting game is just the hardest part of all.

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