When I was in grade school, our teacher in biology taught us about two of the most important organs in our body… the penis for boys and the vagina for girls. They also taught us about the heart and the brain but that’s just another boring story.

The penis (and the vagina), we soon learned in our anatomy class not only determined our gender but our sexuality as well. It also determined our fate. Males have penis while females have vaginas and the two organs fit so perfectly together that no other combination will work, or so they say.

Our biology teacher, Mrs. Santos, would ask us to take out our Biology books from our bags and turn to the chapter where the human anatomy was discussed. And as we flipped through the pages of our inch thick textbook, we’d soon get to the page where an illustration of a penis and a vagina was shown. The illustration identifies different parts of both reproductive systems and as we go through each part, our teacher then explains its function.

“The scrotum is the loose pouch-like sac of skin that hangs behind the penis,” she’d say.

There was really nothing funny about the statement but we’d burst into laughter anyway. We’re young and still immature that’s why the simplest things tickle our funny bones. Even our teacher couldn’t keep a straight face.

Our knowledge of the human body was purely based on the books we have read. Well, aside from our own observation anyway. We’ve been told that as soon as we hit puberty, our bodies would change and so was everything else about us. Puberty, after all, was about raging hormones, an overpowering force too difficult to control.

Our bodies would start to develop and certain parts would grow longer and bigger if you know what I mean. And soon after, we’d have our first ejaculation.

This is my rifle. This is my gun. This is for fighting, and this is for fun. – Full Metal Jacket (1987)

Your dick is your primary equipment during sexual intercourse and the sole purpose of which is reproduction and reproduction only.

When you’re studying in a Catholic school, your teacher would tell you that sex was only reserved for married couples. It was a sin, they’d insist, to engage in premarital sex. But what can you do when you’re at an age when all you could think of was sex. When you’re constantly bombarded with images of girls wearing skimpy clothes and boys with their shirts off. To control the urge to “touch yourself” became very challenging and even when we were advised against it, we’d still do it

Fuck the rules I say. And so what my best friends and I would do after school was go to whomever one of us have their houses all for themselves and jerk off.

We’d jumped on the couch, put on the VCD one of us sneaked out from our parents’ property, press play on the remote and watch porn on TV.

I’d take off my polo and watch them do the same as the opening credits roll.

The movie started with two good-looking thieves breaking into a woman’s house. She was alone in her bedroom sleeping, unaware of what’s happening outside her house. The two men entered from the back door and carefully made their way upstairs. One of the men turned the knob to see if it was open discovered it unlocked. Both men slowly sneaked inside the woman’s bedroom and started collecting her valuables. They opened her cabinet drawers and took everything they could get their hands on. She slowly awoke from her sleep a little dazed. She saw two men and got a little confused. She watched them ransacked her drawers and started screaming. The two men rushed over to her and covered her mouth. They threatened to kill her unless she stops, so she obliged. Only wearing her see through nightgown, you could see the woman’s body. Her breast were big and her nipples already erect. She was clearly cold. The woman was caught between the two men who were holding her down… and the rest, as they say, was fucking history.

It wasn’t really awkward when all of us pulled our cocks out and started masturbating at the same time. We’re all boys after all and we think with our “other head”.

When I was in grade school, I learned everything I need to know about the human body from my biology teacher, but I learned how to use every inch of it during sex from porn stars.

And as I grew older I taught myself to fuck like one too. 

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  1. i’ve enjoy reading this one..

  2. jay says:

    this is so cool…hahaha LOL…

  3. ike says:

    I like this line, “This is my rifle. This is my gun. This is for fighting, and this is for fun”,
    I used to say this words back in High school for CAT training 🙂 haha nice

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