The Boy Behind The Closet Doors Series

There were other guys in the locker room. Some, I noticed, just sat on the benches pretending they were busy fiddling with their phones or like me who’s pretending to be half asleep. But the truth is that these “guys” (excluding me) are really just checking out other guys walking in and out of the room and undressing them with their very own eyes. Others, who are clearly straight (that is if I’m wrong), are just minding their own fucking business, oblivious of what’s going on around them… Men eye fucking each other senselessly inside their heads. It’s a fucking gang bang and no one can tell, not even those helpless straight guys who are unknowingly part of the action.

I could pretty much tell whether a guy is straight or not, though I admit I could be wrong at times (a lot of times). But when a “supposedly” straight guy stares at you for a long time and then proceeds to bite his lips in a very suggestive manner, its not hard to assume that he’s checking you out or even seducing you. I’m not Benjamin for christ’s sake and you’re not Mrs. Robinson. Well, after all, the only time a straight guy would make eye contact with another dude is if he’s challenging him to a fucking duel. Right Chuck Norris? Anyway, some guys in the room looked like they could beat the hell out of you but you could be wrong. Those who act too tough or too masculine are in real life closet queens. They try too hard, that’s the problem.

Some of the men inside the locker room just cruise around looking for guys who they think are interested for some quick fun. If you stay long enough seated at a corner just observing your surroundings you’d actually notice them sneak in and out of shower cubicles together or change room areas. They’d come out one at a time a little too flushed.

A tall, muscular guy just entered. He was wearing a tight-fitting shirt that showed off his muscles, skinny jeans that accentuated his tight ass, and black Chuck Taylor sneakers (men with big feet have big shoes says Anna Scott). He headed for one of the lockers, placed his bag atop the bench on his side and pulled off his shirt. His body was glistening from sweat and everything was in fucking slow motion again.

Cue music – The One You Love by Glenn Frey.

Everything was going perfect from my point of view when suddenly, the guy standing near to where JR and I were seated, accidentally dropped his towel revealing himself and when I said himself, I meant his fucking cock.

Clearly, the guy did it on purpose. I had seen him before with his “gym buddies” hanging around the lobby watching other men work out, sizing them up or whatever. I didn’t care for them at all and didn’t think they would notice me the least. But they were just trying too hard to get attention and it just irritated me.

I had caught him a few times staring straight at me, smiling and trying to talk to me using his slanted eyes. He’s cute if you like Fil-Jap guys. He looks a bit like Hayami Mocomichi though, only a bit shorter and with lighter complexion. The guard on patrol walked up to him and advised him to cover himself up. He apologized to the guard profusely whilst checking if I was looking. I turned away but I knew that he caught me staring. Not at his package might I add, because his package, I was sure, couldn’t measure up to mine… if you know what I mean.

Being a teenager surrounded by men is a bit intimidating especially when you’ve become an easy prey for these horny predators. Some are aware of their limitations that they wouldn’t dare get near you but others are just a tad bit aggressive. Well, I didn’t look like some naive teen who just happened to be in the gym. I was seriously aware of what was happening behind closed doors. Anyway, I liked the attention,  their  subtle ways of flirting with you or inconspicuously dropping hints that they’re interested in blowing your mind excited me and aroused at the same time. I felt my dick throb.

Most of the guys in the locker room were already stripping their  gym clothes off and letting “it” all hang out, leaving nothing to the imagination. While others were just putting on their clothes, looking fresh and clean.

Part 4 of The One That Got Away

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The One That Got Away

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