I was 14, a second year high-school student, when I met Dennis. He was my second boyfriend and my third “serious” relationship. The first one was Bianca and right after her was Sherwin. Dennis and I met when LinkTv’s popularity was at its height. Remember LinkTv? A  24-hour chat channel that aired on cable television back in the early 2000s.

I know, I know. Go ahead and judge me but during that time, everyone seemed to be into it. Well, at least the people I know.

Dennis was a year older than me and a junior from a different high school. He was studying in some school along Espanya and I, on the other hand, attended in some school in Mendiola.

Anyway, Dennis posted an ad saying he was looking for friends around his age. Someone he could hang out with and who lived near his location. Wether “friends” really meant something more or “hang out” was just another term for something else, I wasn’t exactly sure.

I texted him. It wasn’t because of naivety or anything. I had hints that he wanted really more than what he posted in his ad. And I guess I was curious enough to give it a shot.

I sent him a message and he replied asking for my NASL. I answered and told him I’m Jake, 14, M, Manila. He then told me that he lives in Balic-Balic. And since most of my friends live around the area I told him that I was very familiar to the place.

I remember it was a weekday when he asked me if I was free to meet him. I just got home from school and was a little tired, but since we had been texting each other for the past few days I thought it was only appropriate for us to finally meet each other in person. I agreed to meet him but I told him if it’s in Espanya, at Mercury Drugs to be exact.

It was around 8 in the evening when I heard my phone rang. I was seated on the couch with my mom watching some telenovela at home. I answered the phone and listened to his voice from the other end of the line. He had a deep voice, very self-assured, very confident. And then he told me that he’d be in Mercury Drugs in 15 minutes.

Part 1 of The Catholic School Boy

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  1. ryan says:

    i was a late bloomer … at age 14…i’m nothing… very empty minded.. all i knew at age 28 i learned to smile with other guys…learned to interact with them. You are so lucky at that tender age of 14 you have that feelings of curiousity. Nice of you…

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