Men in locker room naked

I was seated at one of the benches when JR entered the locker room. I didn’t notice him at first because I had my eyes closed and my back leaned against the wall. I was a little dizzy after spending the last hour working out. I should’ve eaten more, I thought.

I felt someone passed by in front of me so I opened my eyes to see who it was. He stared down at me and I looked up to him. Our eyes met. I know it sounds fucking cheesy but suddenly everything started moving in slow motion.

He smelled really good I must say, like he just got out of the shower, fresh and clean. After all, he seemed like the type of guy who really takes care of his body.

JR went straight to his locker, pulled the key out of his pocket and opened the door. He took something from his bag but I couldn’t tell what it was. I watched him from the corner of my eye, observed his every move and wondered what his next one will be. So I waited with my eyes half closed pretending to be asleep. I wasn’t some fucking pervert or anything, it’s just that I was really interested to know him.

JR walked over to the same bench where I was seated and sat right next to me. He subtly brushed his knee against mine sending shivers down my spine. Every hair on my body stood up and something else.

I could feel my dick starting to swell inside my shorts so I placed both my hands over my crotch to keep it in control. But the beast can’t be tamed. I was so fucking turned on and now I have a fucking hard on.

I didn’t want anyone else to see me pitching a tent so when I could no longer hide my growing erection in my hands, I placed my white towel over it. It would be so fucking humiliating if anyone had seen me and my fully erect dick that moment, but since most guys here are “on the fence” about their sexuality, I didn’t think they would mind at all. I bet they enjoyed the view.

JR waited for me to make the next move.

Part 3 of The One That Got Away

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The One That Got Away

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  1. iamqueer says:

    i envy you!

  2. Jeffrey says:


  3. inigo says:

    Was it my good imagination or your good writing that made my pole rise?

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