Two (2) Male Models in Bed

JR was 29 when I first met him at Fitness First in Robinson’s Manila. We’re about the same height only that he was an inch taller than me. He had an athletic physique, muscular but not bulky like a bodybuilder. He was wearing a white Adidas t-shirt that clung to his body like glue, outlining his well-defined chest and six-pack abs. He had a short, wavy hair that complemented his features. His deep-set eyes, soft, thin lips, and aquiline nose were perfect for his heart-shaped face.

He was definitely well-endowed too. I could tell because when I glimpsed to check out his “manhood” that hid beneath the white towel wrapped around his waist, it was big and bulging. I could only just imagine how long his package was and whether I could take it all in my mouth. I started to drool.

I thought JR was in his early twenties at first, a young professional working for some boring company in Makati. I was wrong.He told me that he was already 29 and that he was actually based in Dubai. He was here for a couple of months to finish his Ph.D. at the same school I was attending.

He had an infectious smile that lit up the room and a laughter that’s contagious. He could make you feel like you’ve known him for so long, like you’ve been friends all your life.  He exuded a subtle confidence that I found very charming.

I felt very comfortable whenever I was with him. He made me feel good about myself, made me feel special. He listened to me and my boring stories. But no matter how ridiculous I sounded sharing to him my dreams of becoming this and that, he still encouraged me to follow them and gave me some good advice.

Part 2 of The One That Got Away

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The One That Got Away

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  1. Jeffrey says:

    U really got nice story dude…..

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