I just turned 19 when I fell in love with a man 10 years my senior.

2 Guys Kissing Each Other Naked

It was the summer of 2009 when my mom enrolled me at Fitness First in Robinsons Place Manila. She told me that it would be best if I started working out and build some muscles rather than just  lie on our couch, eat junk food and watch TV all day long.

I initially told her about my plans of finally hitting the gym a few weeks prior, but she dismissed the idea thinking that I wouldn’t commit. Maybe she got tired of seeing me in the house that she finally succumbed to the idea. She said that since I wasn’t doing anything productive with my life like studying or whatever that I just go on with my plans.

I recommended this gym near our house because it was more convenient for me, but our very persistent neighbor suggested that Fitness First would be a great choice. I argued that all I really needed were the basic amenities and some training equipment, the rest I could figure out on my own.

I went to FF almost everyday. I’d leave after lunch and arrive there around 2 in the afternoon. I’d usually start with the treadmill or the exercise bike just so I can watch some more TV. I’d eventually move to other workout stations as the day progress.

I’d catch my neighbor and he’d ask me to join him in some of the classes he was into like yoga and Pilates. He also asked me to join a weight training workout that focused on building and strengthening the muscles.

I knew my body was out of shape the moment I started working out per se. I remember having a hard time following the instructor on our yoga and Pilates classes. I couldn’t even move my body to the same position they were in. I was a little embarrassed, more so from the fact that I was the only other guy in the room other than my neighbor.

I eventually found out he was bisexual too. I figured when he started sharing to me his fantasies about the kanto boys, some are my tropa, hanging around in our neighborhood. Well who’d have thought that this guy with bulging biceps and six pack abs preferred to be bottomed. I didn’t think he knew about my sexuality and I sensed that he was telling me these fantasies of his just to tease me – or see if I was curious enough to give it a shot.

After a month I saw my body improve and after regularly attending the weight training classes I started feeling healthier and stronger than ever. I stopped joining yoga and Pilates when I discovered the wonders of spinning class. Fitness First had a great cycling program where you’d feel like just partying inside a club with blaring music, but instead of dancing on your feet sweating it out, you’re riding a bike instead.

I loved it too much that it was the only class I joined up until the time when my mom cut off my membership after 5 months. It was also during one of those spinning classes that I met JR.

Part 1 of  The One That Got Away

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