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I went to Wensha Spa along Tomas Morato Avenue a few months ago. It was right after I attended a private send-off party thrown by a close friend of mine for her beau. He was leaving for a business trip to South Korea. I wasn’t exactly feeling well that evening but I wasn’t too thrilled to go home either to rest.

It was already around 2 in the morning when I thought about getting a massage. I had a rough week at the office and I was thinking it would be nice to “blow off some steam”. The first place that entered my not-so-sober head was Wensha, partly because it was the most accessible one from where I was coming from. I thought about SPADA along Taft, near Buendia but decided against it. I wasn’t exactly sure if they have legitimate therapists who can perform various massage treatments that I sorely needed.

Anyway, the eat-all-you-can buffet offered by Wensha became the deciding factor. Haha!

I’ve read some stories online about Wensha before. Stories written by anonymous men who claimed to have had some sort of “sexual encounters” inside the sauna or in one of the many “private” massage areas.

I admit I got a little curious after reading their so-called “sexperiences”. I wanted to see for myself whether men really walked around butt naked with their dicks hanging right between their legs. But more than that, I also wanted to confirm if there was any truth to their stories – if sex was really possible and if it was really happening.

I was already feeling a little tipsy that night and I thought that a good massage would help relieve some tension in my muscles, especially in my back. Though I was pretty confident that there wouldn’t be a lot of people there since it was already very late and it was a Sunday, I was hoping to catch some guys in action and join in perhaps.

I had a couple of beers during the party and though my world wasn’t exactly spinning just yet I thought, I mean I knew I could still manage. I said my goodbyes and left.

Part 1 of  At The Sauna

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  1. arviefernandez says:

    I never been to Wensha Tomas Morato. but when i was in makati. madalas ako sa Roxaz Blvd Branch

    • Chris says:

      I think it’s Timog Branch not Tomas Morato…but it’s near Tomas Morato area anyways. We should go to this branch of Wensha sometime.

  2. arviefernandez says:

    tara. hehe

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