Black and white photo of a gay couple kissing

He moved his head down to my chest and started licking my nipples. Damn he’s good. He stuck out his tongue and gently swirled it around. My body tensed. I shivered a bit from the sensation and all I could think of at that fucking moment was how good this guy is. He must’ve done this a number of times before and I was definitely feeling more and more aroused and excited. He then sucked my nipples real gently while allowing his tongue to play around. It was like watching a baby who hasn’t been fed for days suck on his bottle. I could tell that he’s hungry for flesh and that hunger, I assumed, was fueled by his strong need for some release.

He put his arms around my lower back while mine rested on his shoulders. He moved lower until he’s face to face with my now fully erect dick. He looked up to me for the last time and smile I winked back. Damn! This guy is so fucking hot. He opened his mouth and sucked my cock without any hesitation or even the slightest bit of apprehension. He’s good, he’s really really good.

I watched him swallow every inch of my fucking cock with his mouth and got turned on a little bit more. I started to thrust my hip back and forth. My dick was in and out of his mouth for a good number of times that I thought he’d stop and when he didn’t I pushed harder. I moved faster and faster until he finally gagged. He was persistent and didn’t even surrender. He wasn’t about to stop until I came. He paused for a moment to catch his breath but as soon as he’s okay he pulled my dick back closer to his mouth and started sucking me again.

I loved how moved his tongue around the head of my dick while inside his mouth,I felt him lick every vein in my shaft. The combination of his warm mouth and his tongue rolling around my cock almost sent me flying but I managed to control myself. I figured I might as well make this one last a bit longer.

Part 2 of O.R.G.Y.

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  1. Iñigo Ak says:

    wow! that turned my dick upright and my jock tight!

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