As soon as I had the opportunity to leave his place I took it. I scrambled trying to find my clothes in the dark and struggled putting them back on. Once fully clothed I headed for the exit.

I felt a sudden sense of relief once my foot was out the door. I needed to escape, I felt suffocated. It was like the walls and ceilings were closing in on us but particularly on me.

I walked away as fast as I could and left George behind. I did not even to bother look if he’s behind me or not. I just really wanted to get away fast.

I stopped at a corner to catch my breath. I looked around and watched people move about minding their own fucking business. If they knew where I was or what I had done would they care? Would they give a shit about some guy looking totally flustered? I guess not.

I recognized where I was and started walking again at a much slower pace. I was sweating bullets but I didn’t mind.

I took the first cab that passed by.

Part 4 of O.R.G.Y. The End

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