Edward Cullen and Jacob Black

One of my professors back in college asked who among us have plans to get married in the “far” future. With emphasis on the word “far” because she didn’t want us running off and getting married right after college. All my classmates raised their hands, including those who are definitely OUT. I didn’t raise mine and my professor noticed. She asked why and I answered with a grin,

“I don’t really think I’m the marrying type.”

The look on her face was pretty priceless after my answer took her by surprise. I was her favorite student after all and it would mean that everything she taught me, every lesson that she tried to ingrain in my head about the challenges of married life and how to deal with it will eventually go to waste. But you can’t really blame me. I answered on impulse, based on an instinct I have at that moment.

Marriage was never part of my plans. Not because same-sex marriage is not yet legal in our country but because I’m finding it hard to believe that marriage will really last forever. Maybe it’s not about marriage at all, technically it’s just a piece of paper that says you are married. Maybe what I’m afraid of and cynical about is commitment. About two people committing themselves to love each other forever. Which right now, I’m having doubts about.


Most people have their lives all mapped out. They will go to school, graduate, get a job and raise their families but I’m not like most people. I’m different.


November 12, 2009 10:19 PM


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