but it's too late.

I had my first boy crush when I was in Kinder 2. My parents decided it would be best if they enroll me in the same private Catholic school where my sisters are studying as well. And so I ended up somewhere in U-Belt.

I was  young and it was difficult for me to understand why my heart sort of beats faster and slower at the same time whenever he’s around. I know it’s cheesy. Oo, kinikilig ako. But back then I couldn’t get myself to talk to him. I never had the courage to because we never seem to have anything in common. He seem so distant, so out of reach. Or maybe he’s just a snob.

I can’t recall his name now but I can still remember how he looked. Even as I browse through my old class pictures I can’t help but stare at his face.We’re sitting beside each other so it’s easy for me to spot him. Aside from the fact that he stood out from the rest of us. With his fair complexion, combed hair, ironed uniform, and polished shoes he’s the perfect poster boy for our school.

I can still remember the first time we talked. Okay, let me correct that. The first time I tried to start a conversation with him. Our adviser picked students who’ll test this computer game designed as an aid to traditional teaching methods.No, I’m kidding. We actually played Street Fighter or something similar. Whether it’s relevant to our education or not is beyond me. We paired up and he ended up beating me in three rounds. K.O. He barely talked the whole time. He left the following school year.

I wonder where he is now and what’s he doing with his life. I wonder if I can still recognize him if we ever came across each others paths. All I can hope right now is that he’s happy and successful… till we meet again.

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