The first thing you should know about me is I'm bisexual.

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  1. haruka says:

    i havent read the whole blog yet. i just browsed through it. the part about the doll… naalala ko lang… i was playing paper doll when i was in grade school. well, i dont know Ken when I was in grade school, but i know Tuxedo Mask. lol.

    Love this part, “I never thought that playing with Barbie dolls wasn’t normal for boys or that paper dolls were reserved for girls. So what’s Ken for? I thought everyone can play the same things. I was never informed of the rules. 1.) That boys should play with toy guns and cars 2.) or play sports with their fathers.

    I was a normal kid until I became confused. I started to think that there was something wrong with me.” I was smiling the whole time, and every time i read it. lol *siiigh*

    >>>I browsed backward. The internet started with the most recent post so i browsed backward. hihi.

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