I’m (only) 22 – believe it or not. I graduated from a decent Catholic school, raised as good boy, and grew up a little too naughty. I guess its true, those who are raised conservative grow up liberated – just not to the public’s eyes I guess. We do, after all, have names to protect.

I may look like the boy-next-door from one of your fantasies (the one wearing tailored suits and bow ties) but I have a pretty wild side caged up waiting to come out. I’ve done things you could only imagine. And things I never thought I could do or even knew existed. What these things are, I’m leaving to your imagination (but don’t worry my blog is coming up soon). I guess by now you must’ve already figured out that I’m not the guy in the photo. People say I look like him but I personally don’t see the resemblance (or maybe I’m just in denial, I hate it when people say I look like some guy – naming celebrities I don’t know.) But whether I look like him or perhaps a lesser version of him I guess it’s up the one who’s looking to decide. And for us to meet would be the only way to find out.

I don’t have a picture here because I’m keeping my identity discreet. And like all decent, well respected guys who grew up in a practically strict, conservative environment, you wouldn’t risk being exposed to something as scandalous as this. You never know who’s looking.

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