Joining PR for the first time and here are a few things that I noticed…

1.) Some guys here are a little too shallow. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. This is, in the first place, a PLACE to find hook-ups and not real relationships. Why would you settle for someone you can’t even look at, right? Might as well fuck someone worth the trouble for.

2.) If some guys are a little too shallow, some are overly confident. Its like “Dude, I look way better and hotter than you – I even have a degree to back it up” So in short, be humble. Take a good look in front of the mirror. If no other person besides your mom tells you how handsome you are then you should be worried. No mother can despise their son for their looks. It’s their effin’ offspring for pete’s sake.

3.) Sex. You joined PR because you’re a horny little bastard who either wants to fuck someone’s tight ass or get your ass filled with someone’s 8-inch dick. In the end, what really matters here is you get to blow off some steam. So hell whether you know the person you just fucked gave you his real name, truth is, you didn’t even tell him yours. So might as well let it go. Don’t expect to find love and fall head over heels because, really, who the fuck are you kidding. My advice, don’t set yourself up for further disappointments. Save yourself. Stay protected.

(more to cum…)

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  1. Tarrasque says:

    Sabi nga ni Lola Techie, “LIKE”. (^_^) keep on writing.

  2. Chris says:

    I had the same observation when I joined PR last May-June. Too shallow to look for a proper relationship, too narcissistic as if they look that good (believe me, I saw overbearing and overconfident guys there). Too horny…well I’m a horny guy as well but not to the extent of mindless one nightstand.

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